How to | Use go mod and have your go project outside GOPATH

1 Init gomod in your project

inside your project directory do

go mod init

if you don’t use git just replace with mygoproject

2 Update your dependencies

go get -u ./...

This will get all your dependencies and store them in your go.mod file, which you created earlier. This ill also create a go.sum file.

3 Add your go.sum and go.mod files to your git repo

This will ensure that everyone who clones your project will end up with the same dependencies.

4 Optional: Vendoring

If you want to be able to build your project offline or you think the source of a library will be removed in the future, you can use go mod to download all dependencies in a folder called vendor in your project’s root.

You can add the vendor directory to git, although it will bloat your repo.

By default, go mod does not use vendoring, you have to run

go build -mod vendor

Keep in mind that vendoring is not an ideal solution and you may want to use a proxy cache instead.


If you just want versioning of your dependencies but keep your files in your GOPATH you have to set GO111MODULES=on in your environment variables.